Are Bozos the best lures you’ve never heard of? You won’t see them on fishing shows, because the hosts are under contract to one of the conglomerates. You won’t see them on retail shelves, because we’ve cut out the middle man. Lucky they’re here.

Bozos are the lures our competitors use when nobody’s watching. Honest. They’ll never admit it, but more than once the big multinational lure reps have been spied switching to Bozos. Why? Because Bozos were catching all the fish. Promise not to tell their bosses?

Do you know that before we let our lures near a river or ocean, we send them to swimming school? We film them in a pool. We study how they dive. We check that they not only look like real bait fish, but they swim like them too. No wonder fish get fooled.

We’re not big on fashion trends here at Bozos (although we’re proud of our Bozos clothing). We know some folks who push soft plastics one year, then hard bodies the next – just so fishermen will buy more lures. We prefer to design it right and leave it.

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